Join us for a walk in Wyre Forest

Walking in Wyre Forest

Current planning situation for walking

May 10th 2021.

Hi. The committee met again on Thursday to discuss the way forward for the group. Unfortunately we still have the same restrictions, but we were able to do some planning with simple modifications to the original plan, which we will share with you as soon as we are able.

In the meantime, you may have seen Countryfile on BBC this evening. They were in the Trimpley Shire Horse Farm. Many of you were able to join us in 2018, when we were treated to a guide tour.

Hopefully we may be able to plan new such events at least next year.In the meantime we hope you all keep well and are walking as and when you are able.Cath, on behalf of the committee.

April 2nd 2021

Hi. A number of people have recently asked committee members when we will recommence the walks. We all want to start up again as soon as we can, but we have to be sure it is safe to do so following all guidelines.

We will be talking to our walk leaders and be guided by how they feel. (See notice below)

As soon as we are able to restart, everyone will be informed of the details. Stay safe.

The Committee


We are a friendly walking group based in the Wyre Forest district of Worcestershire. New members and visitors are always welcomed at any of our walks. The walks are easy country and town walks designed to allow you to develop a regular walking habit to improve health, meet new people and become part of a social group with similar intentions.

All you need to do is to turn up with suitable clothing to match the day’s weather conditions. Each walk lasts between 60-75 minutes which is about 2-3 miles. Paths can be uneven with slopes and sometimes steps and stiles.

We are a non-smoking walking group.

Walk Levels

Grade 1 (30 – 60 minutes)

Distance: Up to 1.5 miles

Suitable for: People who have mobility problems
or who do little physical activity.

Walks are: Flat, with hard surfaced paths and pavements. NO steep hills, steps or stiles and suitable for wheelchairs or buggies.

Grade 2 (approx. 90 minutes)

Distance: Between 2-3 miles

Suitable for: People who take part in a small amount of exercise or who wish to increase the amount they do.

Walks are: Along paths and pavements, sometimes with slopes, steps and stiles

Grade 3 * Progression Walks (2 – 3 hours) * Not Walking for Health walks

Distance: Up to 5 miles

Suitable for: People who regularly walk in the countryside or who have taken part in health walks for a prolonged period of time.

Walks are: More demanding than a health walk. Terrain at times will be uneven and steep. Stiles are likely to be encountered.

Whenever possible we try to finish our walk at a local pub or café for light refreshment!




How can you build walking into your daily routine

  • Walking distances less than a mile
  • Park further away from the entrance to your supermarket
  • Walk to your local corner shop
  • Take a walking lunch
  • Walk a friend’s dog or offer to go with them

Some tips to make your walk more enjoyable

  • Wear sturdy shoes with tread. Smooth soles aren’t practical for wet surfaces.
  • Use layers to keep warm, they can be removed if you get too warm
  • If it looks like rain, wear a raincoat or bring an umbrella
  • Bring sunscreen and insect repellent – and keep arms covered if possible
  • Wear a hat, especially if it’s hot.
  • Bring a small bottle of water to drink during the walk

Dogs are welcome on all walks, but please keep them on a short lead and under control at all times.

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